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jeremiah_fic's Journal

Because the world needs more Jeremiah fic
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A community for fic and general news about the Jeremiah TV series
Because there isn't enough Jeremiah fic we need More. Pick 5, 10, 25, 50 or all 100 fics. Use any character/characters you like. No limit on how many of each as there are only a finite number of characters in the fandom.

Minimum word count - 100.

Please post anything over 100 words or over an R behind a cut or fake cut which ever takes your fancy.

Finish and recieve a nice shiny banner for your profile page

Pls tag your entries - I will assign tags but it will be username:claim
When posting put Claim and prompt in the subject ie Markus: #45 Jewellery

Please then put
Prompt: number and title
Rating: Don't forget to cut anything over an R

Fake cuts to your own journal are fine

Prompt table
Claim Post
Hall of Fame
Dropped Claim

If there are prompts you can't work with, as i didn't include any writers choices you may replace up to 5 of the prompts with your own words if doing the full 100. Otherwise you probably can find enough to work with. Simply put an * at the end of the word so we know which one you replaced.

any questions email me at telcha @ livejournal.com